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Does 122 DESIGN have a showroom where I can see the products?

Yes, we do, and we'd love to meet you! We'd be glad to sit with you, discuss your ideas and plans about your space and assist you in choosing the right furniture for your room.

Our Showroom is in the central part of Dublin, but you'll have to schedule an appointment. Please use the form at the right to schedule the appointment and our Showroom Manager will get back to you.

Do you have all your items on display in your showroom?

Our Showroom provides you with the opportunity to experience our fresh products first-hand. As we have limited space we try to showcase our latest additions and most popular products. This will give you the chance to see the quality of our products in person.

Can I buy items from your showroom?

Unfortunately, we do not sell products directly from the 122 Design Showroom. Our Showroom in Dublin is primarily used as a place to display our products meaning that most of the larger furniture items are display only and not for sale.

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